Reduce food waste at your store
through data driven workflows

Every year millions of tons of food are thrown away in grocery stores. Whywaste wants to change this, and our firm belief is that it is possible to be both eco-friendly and save money at the same time.

All industrial food production affects the environment, through farming, processing, transport and storage. Moving towards environmental sustainability therefore naturally involves reducing the amount of food that gets thrown away.

Whywaste offers digital solutions that enable retailers to easily identify products that are at risk of passing their expiration date. The food can then be sold at a reduced price, cooked or donated for charitable purposes, instead of ending up in the wastebin.

We proudly collaborate with grocery stores from leading retail chains to improve environmental sustainability. Are you our next collaboration partner?


Efficient date checking

Semafor is a digital solution that facilitates and streamlines the date checking process of packaged products. The word Semafor is synonymous with signal light, which is one of the ideas and cornerstones of the system.

Every day, store personnel get a list of products at risk of expiring in the coming days. A data-driven workflow guarantees that all products are checked in time before the expiry date.

With Semafor

Semafor Deli

Checklists and journaling system

Semafor Deli is a digital checklist and journaling system that facilitates the work and ensures high product quality in deli counters.

The system keeps track of the goods in the counter and warns when a product approaches its last sellable date. In this way, the store ensures that their customers never bring home bad products.

All product information is recorded and saved digitally meaning a more time-efficient handling of goods. It also facilitates the traceability of products during internal or external quality reviews.

Overview of assortment

Reduce waste by gaining full control of both opened packages and expiration dates in the deli counter and the back stock.

Digital documentation

Easily access all documentation such as checklists, journals and historical data, in one place. Perfect for conducting follow-ups, internal review or during an external quality control.

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